Severe Weather

In the event of rain, The City of Rockwall Parks & Recreation Department determines examines the fields daily and determines if they can be played upon or not due to muddy conditions. When there has been recent rain, the City posts the “Ball Field Conditions” on the answering machine around 3Pm daily.
That number is 972 771 7729. If the fields are open, we play

Sometimes late afternoon rain occurs during our games. In that event the coaches and the Kiwanis have a fast conversation and decide if the game will be suspended.

Anytime there is lightning in the area (Visible at any distance) the game is automatically suspended
And everyone is asked to leave

We attempt to post notices on the Kiwanis Hotline Answering Machine at 972 722 6001
We also attempt to post a notice on our Facebook page “Rockwall Angel League Baseball”
If time permits, we will try to send out a mass email to this year’s participants

Although we manage and provide this program for your child, it is your decision as a parent if your child will play, especially if the weather turns cool.

The most common action is to call the city at 972 771 7729 to see if the field is open, then call the
Kiwanis Hotline at 972 722 6001. Those two quick calls will normally tell you if we are playing